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YERSA SENTETİK has been continuing its activities under the “Yırcalı Holding” in Balıkesir since 1974 and has been contributing to the national economy with experiences which were gained in many years. YERSA SENTETİK, who changed the economic and social face of Kepsut and its surrounding villages, especially Saraç Village which it is located, is proud to have played the leading role in reversing the migration from the village to the city in the Turkish economy. It has become a symbol of trust and respect with its corporate ethics values, high quality principle which applies to all its products and services, investment to people policy by being a part of “Yırcalı Holding”.

Experienced Staff Structure

Our company is able to produce the most suitable solutions for customer expectations and proactively directs customer needs, with its experienced and expert staff and flexible and dynamic structure of the YERSA SENTETİK Management System.

Sustainable Production Approach

Our company always prioritizes sustainability, environment and humanity in all production stages within the framework of it’s quality and safety standards. YERSA SENTETİK takes the steps that add value to the country economy, Big Bag sector and business partners by targeting the highest quality in all it’s products and services.

Competitive Approach

Our company has adopted the philosophy of competitive approach, being aware that it is obliged to meet the expectations in many aspects such as environment, partners, customers and employees.

Top Customer Satisfaction

In our activities with our customers, we act with the philosophy of “customer at first” and work with the aim of providing high level and permanent customer satisfaction in all our products.

Servicing Optional Solutions

We strive to produce the most suitable product needed in line with the demands of our customers by offering the highest level solution.

Environmentally Friendly Perspective

Our company is aware of its great responsibility for the protection of nature and human-nature balance by focusing on realizing its activities from an environmentally friendly point of view.

We care our Continuity

and we continue to contribute to the national economy by growing up with all our business partners…

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In the way that we started with the synergy of “Yırcalı Holding” since 1974, continuous development and change have become our indispensable principle. In today’s sector where competition is inevitable, our solution methods to our customers’ demands, our maximum quality and timely service, our customer-oriented policies, our knowledgeable and trained expert staff, our production facilities constructed under the conditions required by the time and our continuous improvement and development activities are the common denominator of YERSA SENTETİK…

Tacettin Demirsu
General Manager