Mission / Vision


Misyonumuz, güvenilir, yüksek kaliteli ve düşük maliyetli ürünler yaparak müşteri memnuniyetimizi maksimum
seviyeye çıkarmak, çevreye duyarlı çözümler üretmek, eğitimli ve deneyimli kadromuza değer katmak,
sektördeki en yeni teknolojiyi takip etmek ve Yersa Sentetik’i geleceğe taşımaktır.


Our vision is to be a reputable “World Company” which is preferred in packaging sector with continuous improvement and superior quality consciousness.


Our Staff

  • To act with the motto of indispensible and most important source is our staff,
  • Demonstrate mutual trust and respect with all our employees,
  • To stay in solidarity by sharing in success and in failure,
  • Continuously improve the sense of commitment and motivation of our employees,

Our Customers

  • Not to ignore customer satisfaction while fulfilling customer demands,

Technological Development and Innovation

  • To spread the corporate sustainability concept throughout the company,
  • To pursue a policy of perfectionist, innovative and open to development,

Quality and Reliability

  • Not compromising from our quality standards while improving the quality of our products,

Our Honesty

  • To be honest to all stakeholders in our activities,

Environment and Mankind

  • In all activities, to be sensitive to nature and environment, respectful to the human being.