1 & 2 Loop FIBC

According to customer demand, these big bags can be produced as 1 or 2 loop and they are the most preferred type according to their usage with cost savings. These FIBC’s can be produced both with PE and PP (with recyclable advantage) liners which are used in various types of installation. It is preferred to use in many different sectors because of design characteristics and simplicity.

They are designed according to customer requirements with the following features.

√  250-2000 kg capacity.

√  Circular Fabric main body.

√  Coated or uncoated fabric.

√  Square, Star or Rectangular base.

√  With Coex, Bellows or Bottle type liner.

√  Dust-proof seam.

√  Filling, discharging and binding alternatives (B-Lock, Fix-Lock, etc.).

√  Industrial, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

√  Fabric production in desired colors.

√  Printing color up to 4 colors.

√  Type B fabric.

√  5:1, 6:1 and 8:1 safety factor alternatives.

√  Certified production in accordance with the UN Transport of Dangerous Regulation.