4 loop FIBC

It is a packaging material which is called as bigbag and which is developed in line with customer demands, protects products from humidity, dust, UV effect, electrostatic and external factors and meet different sector requirements, safe transportation and storage type, minimizes labor cost in filling and unloading.

We offer the most suitable solutions for the packaging with 500-2500 kg SWL and 5:1, 6:1 and 8:1 SF usage alternatives. Additionly, our production carries out with certificates obtained from international test firms in accordance with the UN – Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulation.

Main body design is made form flat fabric and circular fabric. Lifting is provided by 4 corner stitched transportation looms. Fabrics can be coated with internal or external coating when necessary against leakages.

They are designed according to customer requirements with specifications at below;

√  500-2500 kg carrying capacity in the range.

√  Flat fabric and circular fabric main body design.

√  Coated or uncoated fabric (internal or external).

√  Square, Star or Rectangular base.

√  LDPE, HDPE, EVOH, PA, Conductive, Aluminum liners according to the product.

√  Dust-proof seam.

√  Filling, unloading and binding alternatives (B-Lock, Fix-Lock, etc.).

√  Industrial, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

√  Fabric production in desired colors.

√  Printing color up to 4 colors.

√  Type B, C and D version production.

√  5:1, 6:1 and 8:1 security coefficient use alternatives.

√  Certified production in accordance with the UN Dangerous Cargo Transportation Regulation.

The QBag type Bigbags, designed to reduce the cost of transportation in container and Truck shipments, provide serious advantages for both transportation and storage. With these Bigbags, 15-25% more products are transported than the other BigBags and protecting the Bigbag shape by non-swelling. In addition, it brings serious advantages in terms of stacking.

Gambo Bigbags are used for the same purpose as QBag Bigbags, but their internal structure is different.

This structure, which has a double wall structure, ensures that Bigbag maintains its cube shape and provides a cost advantage by taking up less space in transportation and storage. Another advantage of these Bigbags is that they are both more stronger and more robust in protecting the product from spillage and leakage.

Standart Big bag

Cross Corner Big bag

QBag Big bag

Gambo Big bag