In Anatolia, which was occupied as a result of World War I, the National Forces energy, that was announced the whole country from Balıkesir by a group of patriots who love the motherland came together, was was further strengthened by the leadership of Yırcalı Family and wave wave spread to all the land of the motherland.

This patriotism started by Yırcalızade Şükrü Efendi and his friends has been accepted throughout the country and has continued to extinction until the point that ended the occupation of the enemy.

Yırcalı family continues to serve to this country and add value to the country’s economy and his name with its investments and employment with perseverance from the day they entered the stage of history, with never ending energy.

“Improvement by the power taken from its past” philosophy is the largest source of the family for generations.


Freedom torch from Balıkesir
The Pride of Balıkesir, Businessman
“We work with all our effort for Turkey.”