Balıkesir Deputy Adil ÇELİK visited Yersa Sentetik

Balıkesir Deputy Adil Çelik visited Yersa Sentetik Dokuma San. AŞ factory in Kepsut district. Deputy Adil Celik, first visited the factory and got information. Adil Çelik met with Factory Owner Sinan Yırcalı and General Manager Tacettin Demirsu, then had lunch and chatted with the workers.

Regarding his visit, Adil Çelik said, “It is a company to be proud of for the region. Increasing such companies will provide many benefits both for our country and for Balıkesir. We stand by every initiative that provides production, employment and added value, and I wish success to Yersa Sentetik in its activities.” he expressed his views.