An intensive orientation program is applied in order to adapt our new friends to YERSA SENTETİK.

The aim of this orientation program is;

  • Ensuring the compliance of the hired personnel with the company, starting to work quickly and producing value, thus reducing the cost of business.
    When staff is exposed to new environment and new situation, feelings such as anxiety, stress and anxiety are formed and these emotions are late in learning and eliminating the risk of making mistakes.
  • The high rate of employee turnover leads to a serious cost burden on the part of the company as a result of the fact that the employee motivation and corporate sense of belonging will decrease, thus ensuring the decrease of this ratio by supporting the employees.
  • Establish realistic expectations and prevent future disputes so that staff know exactly what is expected of them.

For this reason;

  • It’s been expected from the personnel to contribute to the company by explaining the topics at below ;
  • Providing detailed information about the company and giving information about its organizational structure,
  • Introducing his / her friends in the department he / she is going to work in,
  • Explaining the workflows and the details of the work to be done in the department,
  • Giving information about human resources and practices when needed.

The trainings of our blue collar personnel are given by the department managers under the name of Machinary Training.

Both the White Collar and the Blue Collar employees are expected to contribute to our company by organizations of internal and external trainings that increase their quality, performance and career.

At YERSA SENTETİK, creating a motivated environment which do not drags employee’s feet is our biggest goal by creating a family atmosphere…


ISO 9001:2015 QMS Transition Training

YERSA SENTETİK employees completed the last version of ISO 9001: 2015 QMS within the scope of 2017 Training Studies. The training which our employees actively participated in was quite successful. In our...