HR Policy

  • Keeping the institutional structure that can adapt quickly to the changes and developments in the world, our country and our industry,
  • Applying fair, transparent, objective and success-oriented performance management with measurable targets and criteria,
  • To implement the system of fair wages according to individual performances created within the framework of duties and responsibilities,
  • Support open communication at all levels, to establish a communication network based on trust among employees, allowing for comfortable sharing,
  • To provide qualified and result measurable training and development opportunities to employees for continuous improvement and development,
  • To shape all activities within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and internal rules of the company,
  • Continuously develop our individual, social and environmental awareness by combining it with a high sense of responsibility,
  • To be a company that makes difference in the work and family environment with its employees who are high performance, happy and successful, by giving importance to employee satisfaction and sense of belonging.