Zekai KAFAOĞLU “Yersa Sentetik add serious contribution to our country…

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu visited YERSA SENTETİK Dokuma Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş. located in the district of Kepsut. Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu visited the factory at first and got information. Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu met factory owner Sırrı Yırcalı and factory manager Tacettin Demirsu, then ate and chatted with the workers.


Plant Manager Tacettin Demirsu, provided information about the factory, “YERSA SENTETİK  Dokuma San. ve Tic. AŞ. started production in 1974 as a fiber plant in Saraç quarter. In 1985, it entered the packaging sector with small sack production. We have 350 blue and white collar personnel in our facility, we have 1000 tons monthly capacity, we export about 75% of it. We have created significant employment in and around Kepsut.

Factory Owner Sırrı Yırcalı said that, “YERSA SENTETİK has a unique feature. Most of the workers in the factory are from Saraç Neighborhood which is very close. In Türkiye, none of the companies have so strong relationship for so long with the area where the firm is located. We thank Zekai Kafaoğlu, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality for his visits.


Zekai Kafaoğlu, Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, said: “We visited Yersa Sentetik which is a member of Yırcalı Group. I was proud to see the factory. It is a nice thing to have such a company in our own region and the first four in the sector in Türkiye.

We can’t justify this pride. I also congratulate the Yırcalı family. In general, factories bring their workers from different places, but in Yersa Sentetik there is a different application and they have created employment from the neighborhood. Saraç Neighborhood adopted Yersa Sentetik, hundreds of citizens gain their life here. Yersa Sentetik in exports makes a serious contribution to our country. Balıkesir was the focus city between the Marmara and the Aegean Regions. İstanbul and İzmir highway will pass through Balıkesir. We have State Railways, we have Bandırma port. We should use our advantages well and promote Balıkesir. We need to ensure that Balıkesir is in the top 10 provinces like Balıkesir plate. We will try to achieve to our 2023, 2053, 2071 goals. We contribute to every work that will open the way for the private sector. We are next to the people who helps development in Balıkesir. Our goal is to create a happier, more peaceful Balıkesir that produce health food and has healthy living area.”